A Chicago-based Islamic elementary school that focuses on personalized learning, curiosity and love for humanity and the Divine.

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We focus on hands-on, personalized learning that nurtures children’s natural curiosity, in a supportive, academically rigorous environment. We celebrate each child’s achievements and provide support for them to grow at their own pace.

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Arabic and Islamic Studies

Our program provides the foundational teachings of Islam and the Arabic language in a meaningful, enjoyable way.


It’s been a blessing to send our children to a school where they are truly loved and cared for, what a difference that makes in their learning potential.

— Kindergarten + 2nd-grade parent

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Friends and Teachers

Our team is distinguished by their genuine care and commitment to lifelong success for their students.

Personalized Learning

Our curriculum supports the growth of each child’s unique academic, spiritual, social and emotional development.

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Grounded in Spirituality

We believe that fitrah (purity) is the natural constitution of all beings. We help children maintain this state by rooting them in love for God and His Blessed Prophet.

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Thriving Community

Parents’ involvement is an integral part of our school’s fabric. They are the backbone of our school’s culture of kindness, diversity, and inclusion.

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Fostering Curiosity

We encourage our children to tinker and create—we teach them to ask many questions through hands-on learning and exploration.