Happy Parents, Happy Prairie

Our children have been attending prairie academy for the past 3 years and we can confidentially say that the school is a second home. Over the years the staff and other parents have become family. It’s been a blessing to send our children to a school where they are loved and cared for, what a difference that makes in their learning potential.

—Shahd Asaly, Kindergarten and 2nd-grade parent


I love that my daughter gains confidence in her spiritual identity and has discovered a core group of friends who also share our values and customs. My daughter is only four but she’s got the confidence to be different and to be herself. I know a lot of that comes from the sense of community she has at Prairie Academy.

—Dr. Waheeda Samady, preschool parent

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It’s heartwarming to me that when my young 5 year old misses me while at school, she is received with compassion, kindness , and hugs at Prairie. Furthermore, the kids are learning a second language at Prairie and learning about the essence of Islam in an environment that promotes inclusiveness, diversity, and service, all aspects of Islam that are important to us as parents. We love the community and family that the Prairie families have become to us.

— Anisa Noormohamed, kG parent

It is difficult to express my gratitude for the opportunity to enroll my son in Prairie Academy. To have a school in the West rooted in the Islamic tradition with a focus on the social and emotional well-being of the child is a rare opportunity. In addition to the school’s exceptional learning environment, the school is over-run with love. In these formative years, children learn how to develop healthy and meaningful relationships. Prairie’s whole-hearted approach ensures that these relationships are nurtured between students and faculty alike. What sets Prairie apart is a true sense of community. As families we break bread together, support each other, and contribute to the school’s advancement in myriad ways. Prairie is truly special and we couldn’t be happier with our child’s overwhelmingly positive experience.


I am so excited to witness the enthusiasm our son comes home with when talking about his Islamic studies class.  He teaches us about the character of our beloved prophet(s), quotes ahadith, and practices implementing those actions with his family and friends.  When a guest comes to our home for example, he will quote a hadith about how the prophet(s) hosted his guests, and go on to offer them food and drinks and make them comfortable.  One day he came home and told us "smiling is sadaqah," while smiling ear to ear. Im so grateful to his teacher and the curriculum for instilling such love for Allah and our prophet with so much excitement at such a young age.  As well as teaching him how to practically use this knowledge in his every day actions.

— Aminah Chaudhry, kG + preschool parent